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Aachen in Farbe

An book with many projects of the artist Lars Kesseler
which have embellished the cityscape.
98 pages - dimensions: DIN A5 - Paperback - colour.
Published at Shaker Verlag - ISBN: 978-3-86858-955-9.

available at the book store or at Shaker Media.


Vandalismdoesntexist Graffiti-book

An graffiti book with many, partly unpublished work and
projects of the artist Lars Kesseler (2005-2008).
limited edition - 72 pages colour - dimensions: 20,5 x 20,5 cm.

(sold out)


Hingekritzelt Sketch-book

An sketchbook by Lars Kesseler and two other artists with
various sketches of the past years in black and white
limited edition - 100 pages s/w - dimensions: DIN A5.

(sold out)


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