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about the artist

Graduate designer Lars Kesseler aka LAKE13

1972 born in Herrenberg, grown up in east Belgium, lives in the
Netherlands and works in the city of Aachen (Germany).
1988, the artist starts with spraypainting and is therefore a pioneer
of the local aachen graffiti group. Street art and the public space
are essential topics in his large- sized pieces of art and wallpaintings
which have formed the townscape and the surroundings of Aachen.


1996 certificate as technical design assistant and
2001 degree as graduate designer at the FH Design Aachen.
Since 2002 working as a freelance designer and foundation of his
atelier as a meeting place for art lovers. Management and implementation
of different graffiti-projects and mural art for private and commercial.
Since 2004 working as a freelance lecturer with the leadership of
graffiti workshops at youth centers, VHS, schools and museums.
From 2005 to 2006 participation in a qualification for adult education
at the VHS community school Aachen.
2007 and 2008 lecture about Web Design at the ETH Zürich.
Since 2009, activity as a freelance lecturer for the subject of art at
various schools in the district of Aachen.

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